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Transcoder is one of the most powerful and functional batch rendering plugins for Sony Vegas Pro available today. Behind the easy-to-use interface are many subtle settings, providing a wide variety of choices that allow the successful performance of many different tasks. With an impressive processing capabilities it can automate many of the repetitive tasks you might run into.

Consider, for example, performing the following tasks:

All these tasks can be performed with just a few mouse clicks in Transcoder! This saves considerable time and provides relief from tedious manual work.

It allows you to render projects or selected timeline ranges to many output formats; convert hundreds of media files to a specified codec; generate slideshows with desired transitions and effects; apply leaders, trailers and overlays to your projects; and much more. The ability to save user settings (such as a list of renderers, effects, media properties, project templates, and so forth) as presets, allows the fast selection of desired options, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Unlimited Jobs Queue

The basic unit of work in Transcoder is the job. It consists of one or several media files, their properties, a render template, and other parameters. Multiple jobs can be created in one operation. Creating stitching jobs allows production of a single output file, joining multiple source files together into a single media file. This can be useful, for example, when building a photo montage. You can render projects, media files, markers, regions, command markers, tracks, subclips, text clips, timeline selection, generated media objects.

Extensive Source Properties

You can specify the default properties that will be applied to all source media files in a job. The properties of each file can also be specified individually. This feature provides fantastic possibilities for processing files. For example, media files can be cropped to match your project, the images can be flipped and rotated, the playback rate can be reduced or increased, the selected transitions or desired audio/video effects can be applied and other functions.

The following properties are available:


For every job you can select the desired render templates that are to be used for rendering files. A list of selected templates can be saved as a custom preset, allowing specification of the required output formats with the click of a mouse. Transcoder can preserve the following attributes when converting media files: file modified date, file creation date, timecode (this depends on the output format).


These options control where the results of the processing are sent. You can specify the following options:

Powerful naming capabilities

These options control how output files are named. By default, Transcoder automatically name the files, based on the job's type, description etc. For example, if a job has a description, that description will be used as the name of the output file; or if each region is rendered as separate file the name of the region will be used as the filename.

The real power of this feature is that a custom name pattern can be specified, using a variety of special replacement patterns, also known as macros. Macros are specially formatted strings that can be used anywhere in the file name for automatic naming of the output files. In addition, naming patterns can be saved as presets, which will provide a one-click solution for file naming.

Background / Overlay / Leader / Trailer

You can easily add a background to your projects and media files. For example, you can add the background music to your slideshow or use the background for an underlying 4:3 video in a 16:9 project.

Overlay can be used for creating watermarks or station bugs. For example, a station bug can be created, that will be shown throughout a film, displaying the company's logo in the corner of each frame or periodically playing a specified audio file. Using Vegas projects as overlays, offers virtually unlimited opportunities for creativity and imagination.

When the job is rendered, the leader can be added before the source clips and the render length will be appropriately increased. Likewise, the trailer can be added after the source clips.

In addition, you can specify the properties of a background, overlay, leader or trailer. For instance, the duration of an overlay image can be set, its opacity adjusted, and other effects.

Video FX / Audio FX

These features allow the easy addition of video and audio effects to a movie. Please notice that the effects will affect the entire job (including any backgrounds, leaders, trailers and overlays), so if several clips are being "stitched", this will affect all of them. To add effects only to a particular clip, select this clip in the source list and adjust its properties.

Other powerful features

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