Lower Third Templates for Sony Vegas Pro

The broadcast term "lower third" (also known as title strip, caption, name strap or chyron) refers to the graphical element usually appearing in the lower third part of the video frame, containing descriptive details explaining or naming the action on screen, such as station ID, a person's name, a name of a song, a location, etc. Its main objective is to provide additional information to the audience.

Our collections of high quality animated lower third templates for Sony Vegas Pro is the great way to give your productions more professional look and style. With the help of multi-layered customizable projects you can add production value that your clients will love.

Why to choose our templates?

Lower Thirds Vol.1
  • Highly customizable lower third templates: insert your text, change font, replace colors etc.
  • Collection of 1920×1080 .veg projects with a variety of designs
  • The duration of each lower third is 8-10 seconds
  • No external plug-ins required
  • Affordable! The best quality for the price! (average rating is 9.4 out of 10 based on 235 user votes)

Lower Thirds require Sony Vegas Pro 11, 12, or 13. Also check out our project templates for Vegas Pro.

How to use?

Our templates are ordinary Vegas projects (.veg files), so you can use all the tools and features of Vegas Pro to edit and customize them. Insert your own text content, change fonts and colors, add effects or even turn off unwanted tracks!

After customization, just save the template as a new project and nest it into your main project (Vegas Pro allows you to add a project to the timeline of another project). That's it!

How to use lower thirds

Lower Thirds SVP Vol.1

5 professionally-designed lower third templates:

  1. Broadcast
  2. News
  3. Simple
  4. Snow
  5. Social

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Lower Thirds SVP Vol.2

5 unique templates:

  1. Clean (3 versions)
  2. Elegant (2 versions)
  3. Flat (3 versions, 1 intro project template)
  4. Plain (3 versions)
  5. Stylish (3 versions)

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More lower third templates are coming soon...
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