About Vegasaur.com

How did Vegasaur.com get started?

Vegasaur.com started in 2010 as a home page for only one product - Vegasaur, which quickly became popular among users of Sony Vegas Pro. Our customers praised its versatility and high quality. Over the past years, we have significantly expanded our product line and became the official partner of Sony Creative Software.

What products do we offer?

Now we focus on producing a wide range of software tools and templates for motion graphics designers and video editors. We create ready-to-use presets, customizable templates, and video effects for editors of all skill levels. Our products are affordable to the single professional editor, yet powerful enough for large studios. We hope that you find our products and services useful and helpful!

Who we are?

We are a small group of individuals who are passionate about creating simple and effective tools and plugins to help video editors and filmmakers. There's nothing wrong with being small. "Small" means "fast". Something big companies are incapable of. Our primary goal is quality.

Aleksey Tarasov - web designer and programmer with a strong passion for the video editing. Being software developer with deep background knowledge of Sony Vegas Pro, Aleksey created Vegasaur, Film Looks SVP and other software plugins and extensions for Vegas Pro.

Alexander Demyanov - video editor, filmmaker, photographer and colorist with deep working knowledge of all aspects of video post-production in After Effects, Cinema 4D, Sony Vegas Pro and other image and video editing tools. The creator of color grading presets (MBL Presets, Film Looks SVP) and clip-based effects (Film Grain, Light Leaks). Alexander has also designed a plenty of preset looks and transitions for GenArts, Inc (now Boris FX).

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us - we will be glad to discuss your ideas with you.