Particulas™ is a collection of 100 high-quality QuickTime movies to enhance your compositions with amazing effects created using floating dust particles. Organic particle effects will add magic and surreal feeling to your shots and titles, create the atmosphere of fantasy world and enrich scenes with beautiful optical effects.

Overlays can be applied to footage in any video editing software supporting Composite or Blend mode. Simply place the desired element on top of your footage and set its blending mode to Screen or Add. Adjust the amount of light by lowering the clip or track opacity.

You can also change luminance or color by adding Levels, Color Balance or Hue/Saturation filters, add blur and other effects. You can combine various overlays together, rotate and scale them for achieving the desired effect.

Why to choose Particulas?

Particulas: Cinematic Dust Effects
  • REAL PARTICLES (optically captured with the highest quality lenses)
  • 100 overlays (15 GB) in Full HD resolution (1080p) at 23.976 fps, Apple ProRes format
  • The duration of each video element is 30 seconds
  • Royalty Free
  • Mac/PC support
  • Available for any non-linear video editor supporting Blend or Composite mode, such as:
    1. Apple Final Cut Pro (including FCPX)
    2. Apple Motion
    3. Adobe After Effects
    4. Adobe Premiere Pro
    5. Avid Media Composer
    6. DaVinci Resolve
    7. Sony Vegas Pro
  • Simply drag and drop! No plug-ins or extra software
  • Highly customizable. Vary the speed, color, luminance.
  • Affordable! The best quality for the price!

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5 free organic dust effects

  • 5 real dust particle effects
  • High-quality 720p ProRes at 23.976 fps
  • The duration is 10 seconds
  • FREE!

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