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Quick Render, as the name suggests, quickly renders selected events or regions. There is nothing here that Transcoder could not do, but if you only need to render several regions - this tool will allow you to do it much faster.

Selected Events: Please note that events are rendered "as is", including effects, fades in/out, applied envelopes, Pan/Crop settings etc. All non-muted tracks above and below are also rendered. Mute a track if you do not want it to be a part of the rendered file. Use video-only render templates if you don't need audio.

Typical use cases:

Note that the original source files remain unaffected.

Regions: You can limit the number of regions by creating a time selection. Otherwise, all regions will be rendered.

Output Folder: Specify a folder where the rendered files are created. This can be a subfolder in the project folder, subfolder in the input folder (where the corresponding media file is reside), media folder (in this case, the output file will have the specified suffix), or any folder on your hard drive.

Add to New Tracks: The rendered files will be placed on new tracks (one video and one audio track).

Replace Events: The rendered files will replace the original events. Please note that audio events will not be replaced if you selected only video events. If you want this to happen, be sure to select both video and audio events.

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