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This tool is perfect for quickly changing the various properties of multiple events or media files. Just select the desired events or media files, specify properties and click the Apply button. Also it dramatically simplifies tasks such as sorting and placing events on a timeline and creating transitions.


The Media tab enables changes to the following media properties:


The Switches tab will allow you to change event attributes (also known as "switches"):


Contains controls that can rename and switch active takes. For example, you can switch to a take that contains certain characters in its name or select an absolutely random take in hundreds of events. It is also possible to automatically activate the next take in each event. This makes sense when working with multi-take events (eg. in multicam projects).


This tab contains the following set of tools:


This tab enables working with fades and transitions. For example, you can apply randomly selected transitions to a series of events or change the crossfade type or length, or both.


When you have two or more events that are inserted back-to-back with no transition, you can easily convert the cut to a overlap. Please note that this tool will not move the events or change their positions on a timeline in any other way. The edges of the events will be extended so they overlap, allowing room for the transition. So, there must be sufficient media on each side of the cut to accommodate the overlap. To create crossfades by moving events use Fades/Transitions or Placement tools.

In addition, the overlaps can be easily converted to a cut.


The Placement tab has a variety of options for arranging events and media files on the timeline. It easily allows creation of photo montages. It is great tool for such projects. You can place events by the following ways:

The following options are used to change duration of events so that an event's length fits the placement:

Finally, the following options are available for fine-tuning the placement:

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