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Markers and regions are exceptionally important for many Vegas Pro editors. Vegas Pro has a rich set of tools to work with markers, but this extension significantly enhances these capabilities and greatly facilitates daily work with markers. It permits quick navigation, creation, editing, conversion, deletion, exporting and importing of all types of markers.

The main toolbar contains three colored buttons for quick search and navigation through markers, command markers and regions. These functions are very useful, especially in large projects.

Create Markers

The Markers tool offers several methods of placing markers and regions on the timeline at the specified locations with a variety of naming options. For example, these functions can be used to create chapter points for a DVD or to indicate placement of pictures when building a slide show.

Delete Markers

The tool allows deletion of markers with ease. Just select the desired marker types and click the Apply button. Additionally, the interval at which the markers are deleted can be specified.

Hide & Unhide

You can temporarily hide selected types of markers. Unhide, when you need them again.

Import & Export

This function allows the export of selected markers or regions to an external file of the specified format. This can be useful if it's desirable to load and process project markers into external applications. In addition, you can import markers from files.

For instance, to build a DVD disk, markers can be saved as DVD Architect chapters and regions as DVD Architect subtitles. Or suppose that a project is frameserved to Cinema Craft Encoder; before doing that, project markers can be saved as CCE chapters file, in order to insert I-frame on these positions in the output mpeg file.

The following formats are supported:

Miscellaneous Tools

These functions will perform a variety of editing tasks and, in some cases, can be extremely helpful, saving substantial time and effort.

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