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If a project has a background music track and a narrative track with voice comments, it is often necessary to adjust the audio volume of music and voice. This tool easily solves this challenge. It automatically lowers the volume of music whenever a voice exists in a narrative track, or raises the volume of the voice against the music - whichever is needed - by creating a volume envelope on the selected audio track. The level of volume, the curve type, the placement, and fade in and fade out times can be controlled.


Silence Detection

Voice-Over tool provides automatic analysis options that can detect silent intervals inside audio files and nested projects. There are 3 options that determine which audio will be treated as "silence":

If silence detection is off, this tool only works if a voice track contains separate audio events, not one long audio event. It doesn't analyze audio data, but it looks for breaks in the narrative track events.

Fade In/Out

Other Options

See also: Silence Detector

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