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Just want to say that you guys has finally delivered truly useful plug-in... You have a few tools out there that does a few things, but you guys has made automation and features available for everything under the sun in one simple go. You have all done a wonderful job bringing this simple but feature rich tool in the hands of Vegas users. Simple things like unsplitting, render assistant, resetting loop region, etc. are not available in any other plug-in whatsoever, nor comes close. I recommend this gem to everyone. Keep up the GREAT work.

Steve Rhoden

Vegasaur contains features that Sony Vegas should contain itself. It's a big help for everyday professional work. Always when I screw up my project, Vegasaur offers some kind of help. There is no other collection of Sony Vegas scripts that can help in certain situations.

Ulrich Mors

I can tell you that I am really impressed with Vegasaur! I have tried just about all workflow enhancement plug-ins for Sony Vegas but wasn't quite satisfied with any of them and only recently found out about Vegasaur and I really like it! I am using more and more features as I edit, it is now an essential tool for me to have within Vegas. I recommend Vegasaur for everyone who is looking for the automation tool, because it's a wonderful addition to Vegas, the price is right and it saves you time. You also offer great support, I did have some bugs with Vegasaur and you always came up with some fix or answers. Great job!

Robert St-Onge

I bought Vegasaur for one reason only, the ability to batch render many different projects. I needed to convert a whole bunch of video clips, each save as their own project, into a couple of different formats each for internet downloads. Vegasaur makes it easy to cue all of them up into one batch, start it and go off to bed or do something else while it does its thing. That alone was worth the price for me! I would recommend it to anyone else with similar needs.

Stephen Sherrard

I like the ease of use and great functionality. I use Transcoder and Quick Properties in almost every project. There is a lot of stuff in Vegasaur I never thought of that turned out very handy in increasing my workflow. But what convinced me to purchase Vegasaur was that after encountering a problem with the demo version it turned out you guys have great customer support which listens to the customer! Vegasaur saves the time, and that's priceless. Keep on going!

Wojciech Hołysz

I tried the Vegasaur demo and then bought it, especially for the price. I already had another scripting extension and a lot of stand-alone scripts, but the extra functionality was worth it. For someone who doesn't have another scripting plug-in, Vegasaur would provide a lot of value for the money.

Dale McClelland

Vegasaur is more suitable for my job (small but very complex projects with tons of effects and compositing) then other products (I have also another popular scripting plug-in, but don't use it). 1-Click command buttons are very practical (I have entire toolbar filled with Vegasaur commands) - this organization is quite better then tabs. I really enjoy Video Wall, Quick Select and Quick Properties tools. Very helpful, stabile, continuous development. Communication is excellent.

Rafał Rafiński

Fantastic success! I downloaded Vegasaur (the 30-day free trial), and 4 minutes after I started it, I had all my subtitles (text events) exported to a neat text file, with the starting and ending time for each - clean, neat, and perfect!

Slava Paperno

I've come through many plugs for my SV and I want to state one thing. They all call themselves ultimate, or superb, or absolute etc. etc. production assistants. They all cost above 100 USD but they all are worth s... nothing comparing to Vegasaur. It really has everything you need and much more, and I value it so much because I can see that fellows who created it really work on it to make it better and better. Fx plugs are different story but as far as about a production assistant plugin for SV Vegasaur is a must. Vegasaur and nothing more you need. Thank you so much guys!

Paweł Belter

Vegasaur is simply fantastic! Without a doubt the best add-on for Vegas Pro ever created. Better than the Software updates themselves. It was the best buy for Vegas Pro that I had the pleasure of acquiring. Congratulations to the developers and continue with this beautiful work.

Joelson Forte

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