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You can easily create a stereoscopic 3D subclip from two video files that were shot on a 3D camera, which creates separate left- and right-eye clips. Just select both video events, right-click one of the events, and choose Pair as Stereoscopic 3D Subclip from the shortcut menu. If you have a large number of files, you will need to repeat this process for each pair of clips.

This unique tool allows you to create multiple 3D stereoscopic subclips in one step (starting with Vegas Pro 12, you can pair stereoscopic 3D subclips at the track level). In addition, you can automatically correct multiple 3D clips.


Pair as Stereoscopic 3D subclips: Combines media objects on the two selected video tracks (the top track for the left eye, the bottom track for the right eye) into stereoscopic 3D subclips. The first event on the top track will be combined with the first event on the bottom track, the second event on the top track with the second event on the bottom track and so forth. The existing tracks will be muted and the new one will be created.

Apply Stereoscopic 3D Adjust: Applies Stereoscopic 3D Adjust effect to 3D media objects. You can use it to adjust horizontal offset, vertical offset, keystoning, and rotation. This plug-in can be applied at the event level or media level. Select Auto Correct option to analyze left- and right-eye views and automatically calculate values for Vertical Offset, Zoom, Keystone, and Rotation.

This tool is only available in Sony Vegas Pro 10.0b or newer

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