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This unique plug-in for Vegas Pro is designed to capture frames from a current project and from any video file. Vegas offers two ways of taking snapshots: the current frame can be copied to the clipboard and the current frame can be saved as an image file. The Snapshots tool greatly enhances this functionality. It offers an absolutely new way for working with project snapshots. It dramatically reduces the time for creating snapshots that can be used in building slideshows, DVD menus or even on a website.

Creating snapshots

The main features of this tool are its powerful functions and its user-friendly interface. Just one click and you always get a shot with the highest quality without worrying about the current preview settings!

All the captured frames are displayed in the Snapshots window, which can be docked with any other Vegas Pro windows. Snapshots can be easily renamed, deleted, previewed, grouped by project and saved. You can specify the file type of the captured snapshot, the deinterlace method and other parameters. By collecting a series of still frames, the flow of a project can be immediately seen in the Snapshots window. Because snapshots do not depend on the current project, they will remain in the window even after a project is closed.

It is possible to add EXIF date and time attributes to snapshots using the date/time metadata of the video file and the elapsed time of the snapshot.

The selected snapshots can be easily added to a project. Just drag-and-drop them to a Project Media window or directly to a timeline!

Batch Capture

This tool allows you to batch capture frames from a current project or any number of external video files. Snapshots can be taken at markers, regions, command markers, bookmarks and specified time intervals. The scope for creating snapshots can be limited to an entire project, a timeline selection, selected regions, or events.

Saving Snapshots

It is possible to export snapshots to different graphic formats (bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff and png), for working with them in other applications. You can specify the folder for storing images, the desired image file format. In addition, a still-image sequence can be created.

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