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The Replace Media tool allows batch replacement of media files in a project. Replacement is based on file extensions. Source extensions, target extensions are specified and the tool will automatically replace the matched source files by the corresponding target files. The target files must exist for successful completion of the operation.

For example, if m2t is specified as the source extension and avi as the target extension, then all the media files in a project having the m2t extension will be replaced by the corresponding media files having the avi extension; i.e., Video.m2t will be replaced by Video.avi or Video.m2t.avi (Note: using double extensions avoids the potential name conflicts).

This tool can help when working with HD projects in Sony Vegas Pro. For example, it can quickly swap m2t and mts files to Sony YUV/Cineform/etc. versions (any optimized format for video editing), thus allowing work in the intermediate mode. Using proxy media is also very useful for speeding up the editing process. To work comfortably with AVCHD / HDV files, a very powerful multi-core processor computer is needed. If working on a system with limited processing power, converting to a lower-resolution format (which is known as "proxy", usually DV Widescreen) will streamline the editing process and enable smooth project previewing. The Replace Media tool allows you to exchange the proxy for the HD version for rendering and re-exchange the HD for the proxy if you need to continue to edit.

Proxy Media Builder can be used for the fast creation of intermediate or proxy files.

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