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The Backups tool makes it easy for anyone to have an automatic backup solution in Sony Vegas Pro. It is designed to provide additional protection for projects from accidental loss or damage. The tool can also be used for reverting to older versions of a saved veg file. Changes can be made to a project while always being able to return to the original version. The tool significantly simplifies the procedure of creating backups. It provides a one-click solution for making backups or reverting to old versions. Furthermore, the backups can be created automatically at specified time intervals or depending on specific user actions.

An automatic backup solution

It is possible to enable automatic backup of a project every 'n' minute or when the project is opened. Smart algorithm tracks the changes and only backs up projects that have been modified. It will stop saving when the focus moves to another application or rendering is started and will resume work when Vegas is activated again or rendering is finished.

Fine-tuning the backup procedure

The tool contains a large number of settings, allowing tuning of your backup procedure.

All backup copies of all projects are stored in a special folder on your hard drive (which is known as Backup Storage). The maximum size of the storage folder can be set, to limit the amount of disk space Backup Storage can use. As the specified size is exceeded, old backup copies will be deleted to make room for new backups.

You can specify the maximum allowable number of backup copies per every project. This function is used to reduce the overall number of backups in Backup Storage and to increase the speed of Backup Storage maintenance.

In addition, a lifetime period can be set, after which all obsolete backups will be automatically removed.

For additional protection against disk failure the project backup can be duplicated in a specified folder. For example, you can choose your Dropbox folder that is then synchronised with Dropbox's Internet service and to any other of your computers and devices.

Restoring corrupted or deleted Vegas projects

To recover a project or return it to an earlier state, the desired backup in the main window should be selected and the Restore button clicked. Imagine that a project is corrupted and it can't be opened. What can be done in situation of complete data loss or damage? If the project was previously backed up, its backups can be searched and the project restored. Click on the Find Backups command, which allows finding of a project's backup copies by the project's name.

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