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The Pan/Crop tool is one of the most frequently used tools found in Vegas Pro. It is used to pan, rotate, move and flip clips, correct camera depth, or create motion on still images. The Pan/Crop Assistant enhances these features and brings a collection of tools that will make editing much easier, especially when dealing with many clips. The Pan/Crop Assistant enables greater productivity and facilitates more rapid completion of the hardest editing jobs. For example, use the Pan/Crop Assistant to create spectacular slide shows in wedding montages or other photo presentations; or use it to correct unexpected tripod tilts, and other tasks.

The extension contains a set of handy functions that can be applied to multiple events with a few clicks.


This simple to use, but extremely handy, tool allows creation of overlays and various picture-in-picture effects, including complex dynamic movements like the "Newspaper spin" effect, and many other effects.

You can set the PiP position, the scale of the picture, or the angle of rotation in a few seconds! Apart of that, you are able to specify how to flip the image or define the number of times the image should spin. In addition, you can create a moving PiP effect, changing the event over time. This is a very powerful feature for creating motion effects like Zoom In, Zoom Out, Newspaper Spin, horizontal or vertical movements (maybe with rotations), and other effects. And the best part is that all these settings can be saved as a preset!

Pan & Zoom

This tool allows fast creation of a photo montage with pan and zoom movement. This technique, also known as the "Ken Burns technique", is used to create the illusion of movement in video production from still imagery.

Enter the amount of zoom in and out, specify the angle of rotation, set the directions of the panning and you are done! For more advanced results you can specify the probability of rotation, freeze time, the speed of panning relative to the zoom and other options. Furthermore, you can enable the random mode, when the actual percentage of zooming and rotation will be individually calculated for each image.

Video Wall

Creates a "Brady Bunch"-style screen where multiple pieces of footage are placed on the one screen in tile form. To use this tool, place all desired events on separate tracks, one under the other. The following options are available:


Allows the creation and editing of keyframes. The following commands are available:

Custom Effects

Vegas allows you to save the Pan/Crop settings of one keyframe as a preset, but it can not save multiple Pan/Crop keyframes as a Pan/Crop package (like FX packages). Custom Effects tool allows you to do it. Pan/Crop settings of a selected event (all keyframes) can be saved as a custom preset that can be re-used for other projects. This is a tremendously powerful and unique feature that allows creation of your own collection of complex dynamic pan/crop effects, which can be applied with one push of a button. Creating sophisticated motion effects takes a significant amount of time and manual manipulation, and having the ability to save them for later re-use is a great time saver.

All you need to create a new effect is to click "Add" button and Pan/Crop settings of the currently selected event will be saved. You will be prompted for the name and description of effect. Click the "Apply" button to apply the effect to all currently selected events.

Common Options

These options are common for all tools that are found in the Pan/Crop Assistant.

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