Batch Media Import

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Batch Media Import is a real time saver when you need to import hundreds of media files from a highly nested folder hierarchy on your disk. If your files are already organized in folders, it will duplicate and maintain the folder hierarchy within the Sony Vegas Pro project. It will save you hours of creating media bins manually and dragging and dropping files into the proper bins.

With built-in file-sequence detector it turns the pain usually associated with importing multiple image sequences a joy. You can easily assign a frame rate to all imported sequences at once. If you work with image sequences - Batch Media Import for you! It will greatly improve your workflow.

You can include or ignore certain file types or file extensions. For example, you can tell Batch Media Import to load all audio files, but ignore mp3 files. You can skip all video files except for avi files, etc. If you frequently need to load lots of files then you will love this plug-in!


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