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Video4YouTube is a free plug-in for Sony Vegas Pro, which helps editors to create and upload videos to YouTube, the most popular video sharing website in the world. It automatically determines the best render settings depending on the current project template. Every day, hundreds of people use our software to upload their videos to YouTube. This proves the high quality of our product.

Key features

Video4YouTube requires Sony Vegas Pro 8-13

YouTube 15-minute video limit

By default, you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long. To upload longer videos, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the upload page at
  2. Click Increase your limit at the bottom of the page
  3. Follow the steps to verify your account

Preparing your project

Make sure you have installed the latest update for Sony Vegas Pro.

Always match your project settings to the media you are using to ensure the render goes smoothly and the project is rendered out to the correct format. It is very important because Video4YouTube determines the relevant rendering parameters (resolution, frame rate etc.) based on the project settings.

Go to File > Properties (or press Alt + Enter). Select the project template that corresponds to your source media, for example, HD 1080-60i. If you are not sure which template to select, click the Match Media Settings button (with the folder icon) in the upper-right corner of the Project Properties window. Navigate to one of your source video files and click Open. This selects the appropriate template for you.

Rendering for YouTube

There are four quality levels available for rendering. When performing rendering there is a trade-off between the amount of space used and the video quality of the result. Higher bit rates will look better on the screen but will also take up more space; lower bit rates won't look as good but will allow you to fit more videos on your hard drive and upload to YouTube faster.

Keep in mind that YouTube will re-encode everything you upload to their own encoding settings. Thus, the higher the quality of uploaded videos, the higher the quality of your clips on YouTube. Upon completion of uploading, you can open your video on YouTube for viewing. It is possible that you will see a video that had not yet been fully transcoded into all possible formats, and only a lower-quality transcode will be available. It does take time to finish all possible transcodes.

Depending on your connection speed and the size of the video, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to upload a video. Depending on site traffic, your clips can take several hours to show up in the search index after they have been uploaded. Please be patient - the video will show in the search index shortly. To bypass this time, you may want to send your friends the link of the video via email or private message.

Preparing for Internet Streaming (Fast Start)

The main problem with the Sony AVC renderer (which Video4YouTube uses to create files for YouTube) is that it produces MP4 files that don't work well on the Web. They are not progressively stream. The entire video must be completely downloaded before it starts to play. To avoid this problem, the movie files must be 'flattened', which means that the file resource is placed at the beginning of the file. This is especially important if you want to host your videos on your own website.

Fast Start is a feature that enables users to watch the movie as it's being downloaded (long before the whole movie has been downloaded) from a website. It ensures high-quality playback regardless of the users' Internet connection speeds. Video4YouTube can automatically 'flatten' the movies with MP4Box tool.

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Current Version: 1.4